D E S T R O Y !

The revolution will not be analog...

Destroy! was a DIY hardcore/punk/crust/grind band from Minneapolis. The band originally formed sometime in 1988, and broke up sometime in the spring of 1994.


Felix Havoc - Vocals 1988-1994, after: Code-13, Damage Deposit
Mark Snorkelman - bass 1988-1991
Dallas - guitar 1988-1991
Kirby Pringle - drums 1989-1990
Yngwie Markstein - guitar 1990-1994, after: Disembodied, Impetus Inter, Look Back and Laugh.
Chris - drums 1990-1992
CyberNate Scabies - guitar 1992-1994, after: Brainoil, Nigel Pepper Cock, Stormcrow
Mitch Useless - Drums 1992-1994, after: The Murderers, Servitude, Segue, Person Hurter
Jake Scabies - bass 1992-1993
Mandy Manduke - vocals 1993-1994
Troll - bass 1993-1994, after: Disrespect



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These are all from the "Necropolis" CD...

For more Destroy! audio see: Destroy page on last.fm


2/29/1992 @ the THD house.

cover art:

"Total Fucking Chaos" 7" EP (1991, Relapse Records. USA.)

Destroy/Disrupt split 7" EP (1991, Adversity Rec. USA.)

"Burn This Racist System Down7" EP (1992, Havoc Rec.)

"Bloodless Unreality" 7" Comp. EP. USA.

"Crust & Anguished Life" Comp. CD (MCR, Japan)


"The urge to destroy is a creative urge."-Mikhail Bakunin

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