Triple Rock Pro-Am Brew Day

Berkeley, California 8/20/2008

After North Oakland Double IPA won best of show at the World Cup of Beer and at The Bay Area Brew Off, Rodger Davis and George Kumparak kindly invited me to brew this beer with them at Triple Rock to enter in the 2008 GABF Pro-Am category. A wonderful experience from beginning to end, sweat and all. Thanks to Rodger, George, the Martin brothers and the Triple Rock staff for being so awesome.
-Nathan Smith 9/15/2008
On tap at Triple Rock as of 9/16/2008. On Tap at The Trappist as of 9/27/2008 for a very limited time.
OG: 1.082 FG: 1.015 9%ABV
Photo of the beer from Gail of
William Brand press coverage of the beer on his blog September 25th and September 28th
Jon of the Beer Obsessed blog conducted this excellent interview Nate Smith brings his Double IPA to the GABF Pro-Am

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Photos by Nathan Smith and Nicole Erny